Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Young Lion”?

Rochester was once called “The Young Lion of the West.” It’s a Rochester fun fact, and we thought it was a great name for a dog and cat behavior business!

Who’s that in your logo?

Two of our mascots - Pidge the dog and Grumkin the cat, plus a generic lion! Fun fact: this logo was designed by the multitalented Alex!

What sorts of behavior issues do you work with? I bet you haven’t seen a dog/cat as bad as mine!

We have extensive experience working with dogs and cats who are experiencing aggression, anxiety, and fear, in addition to all variety of other problematic behaviors. We love teaching basic manners as well! Want to learn how to give your dog a decompression walk? We can do that! How about harness training your cat and becoming “that guy”? Contact us. We are so excited to work with you!

No, seriously, my dog/cat bites people!

We’ve got you! Contact us to discuss options. You’re in the right place!

I’d just like to take a class with my dog - do you offer those?

Sure do - check out our dog services.

What about cats? Can you really train a cat?

Absolutely! Cats are super fun to train. You can learn more in a training lesson or a seminar on cat behavior.

I live kind of far away, can I still get a behavior consultation for my dog or cat?

Absolutely! We have clients as far away as Florida! We offer virtual consultations done over Google Meet and we can consult with folks across the US and Canada. Locally, we serve the greater Rochester area, but we have traveled further afield! However, additional mileage charges kick in if we have to travel more than 20 miles from Irondequoit, NY to see you.

Are you certified?

Yes! We are both certified through nationally and internationally recognized organizations. Companion animal training is an unregulated industry and not all certifications or credentials are created equal. Our certifications require that we participate in continuing education and keep up to date with the most humane training methods. You can find out more here:

With Young Lion Training and Behavior, you get an amazing combination of knowledge and experience. Book smarts and street smarts, we got ‘em both.

I’ve used some techniques that I don’t think you’ll approve of, will you judge me?

If you’ve been on a different path and you want to try a new way - this is a judgement free zone. We firmly believe in the adage: know better, do better. We’re here to explain the options to you and to explain all potential side effects of our way of training (a more focused animal who responds quickly to cues and who wants to spend more time around you) and the potential side effects of punishment-based training (fear, increased anxiety or aggression, reluctance to respond to requests/cues). 

Do you have some evidence to back up your position on positive reinforcement training?

Sure! Here’s some websites to check out:

I work at a shelter and I’d love to get more education on animal behavior - what do you have for me?

We offer shelter and rescue staff support and training. We are also available for behavior consultations about specific animals in your care. Contact us and we can create a training and consulting package that works for your organization. We love working with rescues as well!